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Silver Blood

Eighteen year old Caroline Cohen's life used to be perfect until an act of extreme violence ripped her family apart. Now, four years later, she's finally getting her life back together. That is until Sato Kiyoshi, the strange Japanese exchange student, enters her life and floods her thoughts. Thrown into a self destructive depression, Sato comes to Caroline's rescue more than once, and she soon learns that her life has never been what she thought it to be. Vampires and werewolves, fey and people returning from the dead shatter Caroline's life, thrusting her into a world of magic, ancient laws, and love.

This is just a community that I created to make sharing my writing with my friends easier! It's a closed membership community that you have to friend if you want to be able to read any of my work. I will be posting fiction and poetry. Everything is friends only so you must join in order to read anything.

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